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  P-News - Preference-Driven News Services in MPEG-7 Libraries
01.09.2002 - 31.05.2005
_Beteiligte Institutionen
Universität Augsburg
The constant increase of new literature in today's libraries pose a more and more demanding problem, since it has become impossible to inform individual users about new literature on their specific interests. Users which need to follow the relevant literature in their field, have the choice of browsing through all new literature and reading lots of irrelevant documents (or at least abstracts) or risk to miss important developments. Technical key prerequisites to overcome this problem are improvements in the field of digital libraries together with the use of universal document formats like the XML dialect MPEG-7. The crucial capability, however, is to model and implement information systems that allows for advanced personalization. Thus a major task will be the appropriate modeling of user preferences and their sophisticated integration into powerful search engines. The personalized news service "P-News" aims at providing an extensive preference based solution to this problem. Since the upcoming MPEG-7 standard is expected to store lots of meta-data together with (multimedia-) documents, preferences in the domain of digital libraries can always be based on attributes or on full-texts. All the preferences of a specific user can then be used to compose an adequate query individually determining the most relevant documents for this user. Thus with "P-News" the problem of informing users about new developments in their specific area of interest could be solved for the first time. 
Universität Augsburg
Institut für Informatik
86135 Augsburg
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Förderinstitution:   Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
Förderprogramm:   Schwerpunktprogramm: Verteilte Verarbeitung und Vermittlung digitaler Dokumente (V3D2)
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